Sustainable Packaging – Helping our Planet

Fairtrade Chocolate – Helping our People

At Indigo Sky Print Solutions, we are doing our bit to help our planet and the people in it. 99% of our spot-uv products are now biodegradable and now, we are also supporting Fairly Traded Chocolate.

What Does This Mean?

Buying our chocolate means that you are giving back to local growers and their communities. In addition to doing the right thing for others, we’ve also added more natural products to do the right thing for our bodies, too! Our confectionery line includes vegan, halal, kosher and additive/colour free products to suit all requirements.

Our latest focus has been on packaging and contents. We want to continue to put our clients’ brands in the spotlight so we have developed everything from tins and boxes to bags and wraps whilst looking at how we can make that packaging sustainable.

What do we Mean by Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging applies to the whole cycle, from sourcing raw materials to the disposal, having as little impact on the environment as possible at every point in the supply chain.

Our range of tins are ethically sourced, safe, clean and non-toxic and, because of the range of sizes and designs, they have greater re-use potential than other packaging.  We’ve seen and heard of our tins being used by customers as storage containers long after their initial purpose! Metal packaging is also the most recycled packaging so it’s a great option for the eco-conscious.

So, What About the Contents?

Our gourmet confectionery is causing quite a stir in the promotional gifts arena. Launched barely a year ago, we decided it deserved a branding face-lift that more reflects the ethical nature of the chocolate and give it a more earthy, natural look.

With two branding options available, you can make the most of the association with a fairly traded product but still leave room for a strong branding presence.

Either way, the chocolate tastes great. With a higher cocoa content than any other promotional chocolate, the taste will certainly stick in the minds of its recipients.

Fairly Traded chocolate is a result of the ‘Growing Great Chocolate’ scheme, which builds on a 3-pronged approach to drive positive change for everyone involved in growing, harvesting and trading chocolate.

By supporting the cooperatives in the program and their member farmers, we can help them grow a much higher quality cocoa bean.  With long-term investment, commitment and help, the scheme ensures future crops, guarantees a fair price for the cocoa beans, and a better income for the farmers.

The Scheme Goes Even Further Than That…

‘Fairly Traded’ also supports those that live around the cocoa bean plantations. It works to improve access to education, healthcare and clean water for the farmers, their families and the local community.

Tins make Choco-logical Sense

As with all of our packaging, we can print onto the tins with your brand or campaign designs, in full colour.  From beanies and jelly beans to mints, biscuits and chocolates, our tins make the perfect promotional gift and come in many sizes and shapes including money boxes, fliptop tins, ring pull tins, bus tins, pocket tins and share tins.

Please contact us for our full range.